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Customers utilizing our drivers represent a wide variety of logistics, service, manufacturing, and production companies.  While many of these companies use our drivers day-in, day-out, others contract with us for replacement drivers to cover for vacations, illnesses, and unexpected absences. 

Some over-the-road trucking companies use our services to optimize equipment and driver performance and to keep specialized drivers at the most economically efficient location.  They will "trade tractors, trailers, or both, and a Great Lakes driver will return to the company's home base location, drop yard, delivery site, etc., allowing their own driver to continue moving over-the-road.

Leasing and rental companies utilize our services to move equipment from one branch location to another, thus putting equiplment where their customers need it.  (Our drivers often will move equipment one way and then obtain cost-effient travel back to the home base.)

Growers and greenhouses work with Great Lakes to provide drivers that not only drive and deliver their flowers and products, but work with retailers in unloading and setting up displays.

Recycling companies routinely use our drivers for p[ickups and deliveries as well as for "switching" services within their yards and facilties.  (Many of our drivers are hazmet certified.)

  • Flatbed transportation
  • Stretch trailer services
  • Drop deck services
  • Van Trailers
  • Dump Trailer 
  • Box trucks
  • Single and tandem axle trailers
  • Fork lifts
  • Refrigerated trucks
  • Tank trucks
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